Thursday, April 8, 2010

Peeve of the Day: RECYCLING!!!

Now that I've complained about audiobooks and toilet paper dispensers, I need to talk about recycling. It's great, don't get me wrong, but the "big man" who does it is a complete hypocrite. (Say what??)

Ok, I went to a small Catholic college in Maine, and one of my core classes was "Environmental Science." I learned lots of things like, anything white is bleached is bad for either you or the environment, or both. For instance. It is much safer for the environment if you use the brown toiletpaper and paper towels because the process in staining the supplies white is very bad. Yet, just about any public building (including my college) used white. This is how I learned about the hypocrisy's of the "big man."

Another example: Bottles and cans. EVERYONE recycles bottles; but what about #4 plastics and cans? Cans are usually recycled, but any other material is hardly worth the effort (after all, you don't get 5 cents for a can or a Dunkin Donut's cup! Why bother?

Do you know how many Dunkin Donuts cups I see in the classroom every day? At least 7 between the 3 classrooms I frequent. All that plastic is thrown in a landfill because it is not profitable to recycle.

So, yes, I had a huge grudge against my Environmental Science teacher in college. I have a huge beef with all schools in general, and I test the system every chance I get! Whenever I have a yogurt, or plastic cup--anything recyclable--I put it in the bottles' bin. I hope one day it will catch on....

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Audio Books [Annoyance of the day]

My annoyance today is Audiobooks. They are great, really, unless they are CDs and you import them to a computer. Have you ever done this?

I have. I've imported a good number of CDs onto my student's computer, and I've come to the conclusion that whoever actually makes the CDs is either really stupid, or a monkey. I'm sure of this, really!

Most Audiobooks have about 5-10 CDS. And, when you import them into computers, you would think (with all the idiot-proof technology we have today) the importation would be idiot proof. But, sadly, you would be mistaking. The tracks of the CDs never really import in order. In fact, sometimes, they don't import the right at all! For instance, I was importing the book "Black Like Me" for my student; When I imported it on my computer, the tracks were labeled something like "The Speed Act of Seduction" (There was a jaw dropper!) So, iTunes doesn't always get it right; I'm not really sure who to blame, there. It might be Apple's fault for being a freaking control freak and wanting to download the CD's info from the web, rather than importing it from the CD. Or, it could be the publisher's fault for not burning the proper information on the CD in the first place (thus forcing iTunes to have to download track and titles). I don't know! But I do know this:

CD1: 1aa, 1ab,1ac, 1ad.... 1az--- 1ba, 1bb, 1bc, 1bd ... 1bz
CD2: 3a, 3b, 3c, 3d (note how the pattern changes)
It gets better! The tracks on CD 3 are EXACTLY THE SAME as CD3, making it impossible to sort by track title!!!

After that CDs 4 & 5 are quite similar, though distinguishable. Disk 6 is gospel music. If you listen to it, it's the same book, but the tracks are labeled:

1. Amazing Grace
2. Holy, Holy, Holy
3. What Yo Want
4. Now Thank Our God
5. A Mighty Fortress is Our God

I don't get it. Fortunately, I can usually sort the 215+ tracks by Album Title or Artist--but every book is different! Sometimes the titles are "Book Title CD 1" and two disks later it switches to "Book Title [Disc 04]" It is much easier to sort these than the actual tracks, though!

Summary of this annoyance is: Audio books on CD should be created by people; not monkeys.
The End.

Annoyance of the Day

My annoyance today is myself.

It's not technically "me," though. I'm just using "me" as an example.

My annoyance is really when people say something like, "Here I will post my daily annoyance." and then actually post once every two weeks. You can't say, "I'm going to post daily," and then not post every day. Anyway, I give up. Posting again soon, though. Maybe that will make up for my lie =(