Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bye Bye Baby

My baby sister has gone off to college. We dropped her off today, and I'm not sure what to feel.

I'm happy, obviously, but sad too. That's an obvious one too, I guess, since we have always been so close... I'm going to miss her a lot, but at the same time I'm sort of jealous too. I actually feel sort of lame. Like my life is set to pause and her's is on the fast forward track.

Sure, I had the same opportunity. I could have gone to college and lived there. I could have made friends, and I could have taken part in campus activities and events, but I didn't. I was under the impression it was too much money. That, and I was too scared to be on my own. I even had the chance to live on campus, after the house fire. The college gave me a room for free, but I only stayed there twice a week for internship. I never stayed longer because I felt like I was abandoning my family in time of need. I was always homesick, not for a house, but for my family.

Today I woke up early, and used a cat leash to tie my sister (jokingly) to her bed. "It's ok, mom!" I hollered. "I tied her up and now she can't go anywhere!"

She woke up, and it was crazy. We had a few hours to finish packing, then went to dad's for birthday cake! Birthday cake at 11AM. Insane! We joked around with Bonnie, John, Pam, and Steve, Dad and Denise, and of course my Mom and sister. Ate cake, and then took a nauseating ride to USM.

We checked in at the dorm, and unpacked her things. well, I didn't do much of this, but I sure tried my best. We had yoohoo's and then toured the campus. I got a free notebook and about 50 USM stickers. I figure I can collage them for Alysia later.

We walked around, and found the library, theater, and places to eat. The library was closed; the theater was spooky (especially the top, where the lights are kept--heck yes, we snuck up there!) The food was good, too, I guess. Not SJC food, but pretty good. I had a "Husky Burger" and so did Dad and Denise. Except, my dad had a double Husky Burger, with two burgers, instead of one, for only a dollar more. That's my Dad. Always bargain hunting..

After that, we dropped Alysia off at her dorm and left. It was weird. Really weird. I came home and hooked the video camera up to the TV. (I'm retarted like that and like to watch something just as soon as I record it) The second I heard Alysia's voice on TV I thought she was upstairs. I almost called up to her, but caught myself. It was weird.

I hope I can do this.

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