Thursday, October 8, 2009

Nice Girls Finish Last (Ode to Jared Padalecki)

Thank you, Jared, for another night of happiness!!

Ah, yes, what else would I have to look forward to on Thursday nights, if not for your leading role on CW's Supernatural. Not my friends, and certainly not my sister. I'm sure she'd forget I'd even exist if I didn't text her every so often with some lame joke or picture. Apparently I can't even look forward to prospective boyfriends.

In fact, no sooner than I almost finish my blog entry about how excited I am that I may have finally met a guy worth dating, do I find out what a complete two-faced liar he is. Granted, a good portion of said blog was dedicated to my own insecurities--mainly the fact that I don't trust anyone with my heart--but that's apparently for good reason. I know this kid's first name, and the school he goes to, so I facebook-up some detective work. Yep, that's him--I recognize the picture from his dating page--he is sort of cute. What's this? He's in a relationship? Oh...

What do you say to someone after that? I can't pretend I didn't see it, and I can't ignore it. Should I call him on it, or just block him. Like my mother says, what if it's over? But why make excuses for a no-good cheat. Once a cheat, always a cheat, or so the saying goes. I just can't believe I finally go to let my guard down, and this is what I get. That's what you get for trying online dating. Like I said, all the good guys are dating, married, or gay. Or dead.

Now I'm torn. Do I message this girl and tell her? I don't want the target on my back, though. Plus, a girl is a girl; she'll probably love him, regardless, like some stupid fool until he moves on to someone who doesn't think to check facebook. Plus if he knows I checked his facebook, he'll just heighten his privacy settings to get away with cheating in the future. I thought about messaging one of the girls friends, or her sisters, but that would just put the problem between them. I don't want to be responsible for ruining relationships, but can I let him get away with cheating? I don't know what to do. The situation just all-around sucks. And the irony of it all? I sort of think it's romantic when guys fight over a girl, or when Prince Charming swoops in to save the woman he loves from Mr. Wrong. Roles reversed, however, the "other woman" is the homewrecking tramp or "skank."What sort of double-standard is that??

Whatever. I'm not going to be the "other woman" this girl potentially could be dumped for. And I refuse to "fight" for anyone pathetic enough to love someone--while keeping his options open.

So, like I was saying, I'm heading back to my imaginary boyfriend--Yeah. His name is Sam Winchester. Sure he has millions of fan-girls drooling over him, but at least he will never let any of them down. He will never cheat on them, or lie to them--because he is not real. Good to look at, yes. Smart and funny, yes. A heart-break waiting to happen, no so much. He'll be there every Thursday, fighting the all the big bad's the Supernatural world has to offer.

A girl can dream, can't she?

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