Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I bought perfume.

I think it is a big step for me, you know? Like a life changing experience.

Seriously, though, a lady at work sells Avon, and I recently bought perfume. Two bottles, actually. Go me!

I was sitting at my table flipping through the catalog when I discovered the "scratch and sniff" page. O0oh-La-La! Despite mockery by my student, I flipped and smelled each available fragrance until I found one that I really liked. "Windscape." It was advertised by a pretty lady in a blue dress, surrounded by a blue background--light and happy. Serene. Beautiful. Damn advertising.

The other scent I liked was for a guy, so I was happy to get away with an order under $30. Then, I found "Sassy." I liked Sassy too, though it smelled quite similar to Windscape. And it was on sale! Only $8!! Wow!! I am my father's daughter! I wound up buying that too.

Anyway, it was a very riveting thing for me. The only perfume I have is from my mother. She bought me a set for Christmas once, and I haven't worn it. 1) Because I work in a school and that would just be weird (and more than likely against school policy) 2) Because I have no social life or need to smell good. 3) I think it all smells gross!!!

But not this stuff; this stuff was pleasant. So I bought it with the wonderful fantasy of having a date sometime. That is part two of my plan: finding a date.

Bought my mom some eye-pencil sharpeners, because I think I broke her last one with a colored pencil.... Maybe it had been a crayon, I can't quite remember. I also bought some cute bath-paint-soap for my niece. Her birthday is coming, and I thought it would be awesome if she could paint her brother. Plus the scents were awesome! Coconut, Bubblegum, and Cotton Candy? Who wouldn't want to smell like food? And be painted on? Seriously?

Anyway, I get the order yesterday, and my sister reads the warning label. Leave it to her. (Granted, I thought about whether or not her parents would like putting "chemicals" on their kids, but it's Avon so it's got to be good, right?) Well, after the huge list of disclaimers, it alerts us that it is flammable and to keep kids away from fire. Which makes me wonder, what idiot started a fire in his bathtub to discover that this product was harmful in this way? Really? Isn't a bath at the opposite end of camp fires, grills, and... oh, candles I guess? For couples who want to have a nice, romantic night painting each other? That makes sense... I guess.... Moving on....

Further research (from amazon.com) also states that the product has given at least 2 people hives. What a great auntie I am!

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