Thursday, March 25, 2010

Crappy Idea? [Peeve of the day]

I was sitting in the bathroom stall when I got the idea for this post.


Why do they put toilet paper holders, especially the covered-wagon type, so low to the ground? I mean, if they were any lower, they would be on the ground and unsanitary. Is there a reason for putting them at toilet-level? Besides torment?

My biggest peeve at the moment is those damn covered type. I guess they look more like a hot air balloon than a covered wagon, but you see what I mean. (and if you don't see what I mean, look left and catch on, ok?)

Why am I annoyed by these? Well, as mentioned before, they are hung too low in the stalls, so you have to do the reverse-limbo just to get your toilet paper. And, to further complicate matters, most toilet seats have pee all over them, so rather than do this sitting, you have to hover. )

Let's not forget that this gets worse! If you're not fortunate enough to find some paper dangling when you enter, that means you have to suspend your bend and spin the wheel 1-1,000 times before you find the start of the roll. Might as well be a game-show, with prizes; at least it would be worth the trouble: "Find the Toilet Paper-- win a car!"

Seriously, though, finding the start of the toilet paper is sometimes more difficult than finding the start of scotch tape. What's with that? Static? Or just a cleverly devised mechanism called "messing with people."

Another thing I dislike about these stupid contraptions is that occasionally, the restroom-keep will cruelly stuff in a roll of toilet paper that is too large for the holder. Has that ever happened to you? They cram it in there, so tight, that you need two hands and some sort of a lever to spin it (not to mention you are hunched over as far as you can go just to gain access to the damn thing). I have literally dug through 10-20 layers of toilet paper just to get some. The bathroom attendant must love me.

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  1. It's not that the holder is so low, it's that you are so damn lanky ;).