Friday, January 28, 2011

Today was PJ Day at work.

I figured it was a school-wide thing, but when I got out of the parking lot and saw several of the other teachers in their normal attire, I started feeling out of place. There was me, in my froggy PJs and bathrobe... Yup. The lazy, new girl who didn't feel like getting dressed.

Most of the people stared at me; a few told me they were jealous; and a few others just asked, "PJ Day?"


I will admit, it was very hard to sit at the breakfast table and look down at my Pajamas. I kept telling myself, "YOU NEED TO GET DRESSED!! Oh wait.... IT IS TIME TO GO!!! YOU ARE STILL NOT DRESSED.... Oh Yeah.."

If that wasn't hard enough, imagine my reaction when my boss came in and told me I needed to go to a PBIS training.. My eyes grew wide and I looked down at my outfit. Seriously, you know those bad dreams where you find yourself naked in school?? It was just like that. My boss came in and told me I had to go to a meeting, and so I took off in my Princess Sorority PJs.

So, off I walked into the wrong meeting, and sat in my PJs until I was told to go to the smaller conference room. Fortunately 3/4 of the others in the room were also in the wrong conference room, so I was able to get all the awkward stares and questions (and jokes) out of the way before moving to the right room.

Yup. So that was my fun day!!!

What else? I almost ripped the steering wheel off my car on the way in this morning. Yup. I was just imagining it was the radio announcer's head. Was listening to the moron praise Charlie Sheen's pathetic life. Like, literally, this is what he said on the radio this morning.

"You'd never guess what Charlie Sheen's done now! It is so amazing! Every guy in the world is going to be jealous! He is like a god, or something. So what did he do? He had a brief case of cocaine. Yup! A briefcase! Full of cocaine!! He knows how to party!! And that isn't all! He was watching porn. With Porn Stars. How amazing is that??"

Uh, yeah, that womanizing bastard is a drug addict and should be thrown in jail. Anyone else would be in jail, but why not him? And why is that soo amazing and sooo desirable? ME+HEARING THAT+SOMETHING IN MY HANDS= DECAPITATED RADIO ANNOUNCER.
..What else? I know there was something else... Hm.

Oh yeah. Cat fight in work.

This has been going on for quite some time, and it is starting to get on my nerves. There are these two people who get along like oil and water. Fortunately for me, they are the two people I work closest with, so, yeah, big ball of fun. I just want to go in and do my job, not have to pick sides and play counselor. But every day they come to me and complain about the other. I just listen, nod, and shrug. I've got it down to a science, and I try to stay as neutral as I can, but today I was really annoyed.

One of them actually said to me, "Sorry to put you in the middle. I know you like ___. I just really was bothered." And I listened, nodded, and shrugged. I was actually surprised when A went to talk to B about her feelings and B shut down and stuck to her guns, which pissed A off, and I was just like... Why didn't I just go straight home???

Uggh. I was so tempted to give them a pair of gloves and have them duke it out, just so they could be done with it. But then if I had said, I'm sick of you both putting me in the middle of your crap, I would have upset them both. A would be mad that B talks about her, and vice versa. And then they'd be mad at me for betraying their confidences, and madder at each other for knowing they'd been talked about. Whatever. People clash. At the end of the day, what matters is the kids. GRR!!!!

Final laugh? Well, I wore my PJs today and got pulled into a last minute training with the state REP for PBIS as well as some other people I had never seen before. Fun, fun. But the topping on the cake was when I realized I had to go shopping for my Scentsy party tomorrow. Oh boy. Me. Pjs. Walmart. Never a dull moment!

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