Thursday, December 3, 2009

Angry enough to scream

I'm somehow managing to maintain a cool exterior, as my student has yet to ask me, "What's wrong?"

When I'm really upset, I'll be asked that question, but not today. I'm smiling and making jokes, like I normally do when I'm in a good mood, but inside I just want to scream. I want to log into Facebook and share my anger and frustration with everyone else, but I'm holding back on that too.

As most of you know, our dear friend passed away last Wednesday. The funeral was Saturday, but I didn't post that entry, and the burial? On hold. ON HOLD!

The story is too outlandish to believe, but here it is:

Our friend's husband, we'll call him Joe, has a lot of property around town. He has a lot of tenants too. Low class, trash, tenants. Joe and his wife always try to see the good in people, and always bend over backwards for people. For his wife's last birthday, Joe bought lobsters for my family, their family, and our neighbor. (Not to mention a massive ice cream cake!) This is probably the 3rd time he's bought us lobsters.

Needless to say, Joe is a Saint. So is his wife. They should both be sanctified for the things they do for others. And now, here he is, with a restraining order against him. A restraining order from one of his tenants. A restraining order that keeps him off his own damn property and burying his wife.

I want to scream.

They went to court yesterday, and it seems they were the last case. "The judge just seemed bored" Joe said, "And she wouldn't stop crying. Then she walked out of the room and laughed at us."

She's lucky I have a reputation to uphold, because if I didn't I'd probably go down there and punch her myself. Oops. Did I say that? But seriously, can you imagine what Joe must be thinking; he just wants to bury his wife.

My mother has a theory about what happened; she thinks that they made the mistake of being tried together. Joe, his son, and her ex-boyfriend. This drama has been going on forever. Some dog fight, then she kidnapped someone's dog. I don't know the whole story, but I don't care to. It doesn't make sense that Joe can't go up to his own property and bury his wife. She should GTFO IMHO.

I just want to scream.

There is no way this should have been allowed to happen, especially when she has already been evicted. EVICTED. She should be gone. She was served papers and everything. They are just waiting on the hearing to give her the boot, so why would you LIVE in a place you feel so threatened in?

I just want to scream.

Get this, the lawyer says, "If you drop the eviction, I'll drop the restraining order."

I just want to scream!

Why would you offer to drop a restraining order if you feel so threatened??

I just want to scream!


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