Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I feel really blessed

A few weeks ago, I ordered a pair of snowflake earrings from an Avon representative. On the day I ordered, I also had a doctor's appointment and, coincidentally, the secretary was wearing the exact pair I had ordered!

"Are those Avon?" I asked excited,

"Why, Yes!" She told me, and I explained that I had just ordered a pair.

Well, the earrings were discontinued and sold out, so I wasn't going to get them. When I told this news to the secretary, she offered me her pair.

"I will give you mine!" she said, and I thought she was joking.

"That's ok," I laughed.

"Don't you want them?" She asked,

"I don't want to take your earrings," I said,

"I want to give them to you."

"That's ok."

"What, do I have cooties? You can put them in alcohol."

I felt like a jerk. Here is this sweet lady trying to give me her earrings, and I felt like an awful jerk for refusing. "Call me tomorrow and remind me." She says, and I say I will.

But I am very fortunate to have the people I have around me around me. It's hard to find truly nice people, but I seem to find them. Even my old office. They invite me to their Christmas party every year, even though I graduated about 2 years ago. I am the only student worker alumni to go to this event; I just feel so loved.

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