Friday, December 4, 2009


So I'm starting to get sick of Publisher's Clearance House. I know what you're thinking. "That junk? Why would you subscribe to that crap?"

Well, here is the story: a few years ago, my mom got a notice saying she won a grand from the infamous "Publisher's Clearance House." I immediately told her it was a gimmick and suggested she shred it with the rest of the junk mail. But she didn't believe me. She never does, but this one she was sure was the real deal.

So I told her to do research on it, and she did. She paid for the shipping, or what not, and a few weeks later up showed a check worth $1,000 with her name on it. We couldn't believe it. She actually won!

I still thought she was being had, so I told her to be careful, but she put it in her bank account, and a few days later her name was on the PCH website under $1,000 winners.

Well, amazed by this, I've decided to sign up. Might as well have a 2/100,000,000 chance, right?

Every now and then, aka every other day, I get their spam--but one in particular stands out.

"Dear ______! Great news! Someone with the initials B.S. will win in your area this week!!"

For the record, B. and S. are NOT my initials, but I did pick them for a specific purpose. Because I think they are, again, selling B.S. My mom gets the same letters with her initials, so.... How can the two of us, in the same area, with totally separate initials BOTH win the same prize?

Go figure.

Don't subscribe to PCH unless they pay you too!

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