Sunday, February 13, 2011

An Awkward Conversation

So, how did this happen & what do I do?

My new years resolution was to expand my social life and maybe find a guy, but now it appears I may have two. Does this mean there is a love triangle forming above my head? I sure hope not. I don't care for the drama.

As you know, I met cheesepuff guy a few weeks ago, and met him again Friday. I think things are going well, despite my lack of experience in the dating field. But out of no where, Camera Guy sends me a message on facebook today.

Now, I have not yet mentioned Camera Guy, because I did not feel he was worth mentioning. That sounded sort of harsh, so let me clarify. Camera guy is a guy I still haven't figured out. I am not sure if I am attracted to him, because the few pictures he has online seem sort of goofy. But he went to the same college I did (which made me feel safe enough to add him on facebook) and he is a real good photographer (hence the nickname camera guy). Still, camera guy never asked me out or showed any interest so I always assumed he was just a friend. Until, of course, last night when out of no where he sent me a message. "hi".

I was not paying attention, because I was writing my story, but when I did notice, I replied "hey" and I sort of got the feeling this awkward feeling that the out-of-the-blue message was regarding an earlier facebook post about the date I had been on with cheesepuff guy.

Well, he did not respond until today. We casually talked about my Scentsy business for a while because I had the sneaking suspicion he was maybe curious about the date, but I wasn't going to bring it up. Then he asked, "Well any big plans for V-day?"

I said I didn't know, because I don't. And he asked about Cheesepuff guy and the date. I said that he hadn't mentioned it yet, but it was sort of an awkward time to start seeing somebody because we had only been on two dates and boom! Valentines Day PLUS his birthday.

Well, Camera guy then informed me that if Cheesepuff guy did not do anything on Valentines Day he was a loser, and probably gay. (Although reading that also sounds a bit harsh, so I will note it wasn't said in a mean or vindictive way; just a joke) I couldn't help but laugh, as honestly the seemingly too-good-to-be-true cheesepuff guy may have had a smile that threw me off.

So now I am completely confused. A fish out of water. I am confused about so many things, and I know I have to take things one step at a time, but for someone who is learning how to walk in this crazy, dating world, I could sure use some advice!

Do I get a birthday present for Cheesepuff guy? I was thinking a Ninja Turtle card, as he has mentioned them before, and maybe some Jelly Beans. Do I consider Camera Guy a second player in this game? Do I tell Cheesepuff guy about Camera guy? Should I be disappointed if I don't get a Valentine? Oye. I am ready to crawl back up to my cat-lady mountain and give up!

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