Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Drugs Bug Me

We had an interesting visit last night, from a drug addict?

I put the question mark there as to hopefully not wrongfully incriminate an innocent person, but I'm pretty sure he is a drug addict. It's just such a harsh term to throw around, I wish I knew for sure. But I'm pretty sure, otherwise I wouldn't be posting this here and now.

Anyway, if he was not "high" he was probably under the influence of something, because I don't know too many people who would show up at your house, irate, about something that happened ?days? ago, especially when his own idiocy is to blame?

Here's the scoop.

Our neighbors hired Drug Addict 1 to shovel off their roof. Drug addict (in question, anyway) never showed up to do the job he was hired to do, so our neighbors hired a second drug addict to do the job the first failed to do.

Are you with me so far?

Well, before Drug addict 2 could get to the job, drug addict 1 had already started the job. But Drug Addict 2 had already been PAID for the job, so when my mom saw Drug Addict 1 shoveling, she informed him that he was not going to get paid, as DA 2 had already been paid.

Well that was fine, until 9 O'clock at night when DA1 showed up all upset about not getting paid.

Now, not helping the situation is the fact that the original "supervisor" of the neighbors roof is also under the influence of something, and has a hard time getting stories straight to begin with. So what happens when all this goes down?

My mom calls and screams at the neighbor, who is listening to regurgitated stories from a drug addict and delusional individual, and I spend all night sleeping with one eye open, just in case the pissed off drug addict decides to come slash my tires or something.

What a fun world I live in!

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