Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Well that just put me in a bad mood.

(Note: This rant obviously excludes the relatives: LapNoodles & Homemakerman)

It has been on my nerves for a while now--the fact that my family is pretty unsupportive as far as my new business goes. They complain about how much I advertise. And while my neighbors will literally pinch their pennies (just ask my bank teller) to help me make a sale, do they offer to at least look at a catalog? No. I cannot even GIVE them free stuff.

But, whatever, you don't want to spend your money. Fine. I am ok with that. I just expect you would have the common courtesy to tell your friends to me promote. Is that really asking too much?

Tonight was the last straw, though. A complete slap in the face! My Aunt called to tell me that her friend signed up to sell. Great. Thanks a lot! Two minutes later, I log in to find the other consultant in MY TOWN, the one I took under my wing so to speak was the recruiter.

Maybe I am over reacting, but another person to my team would have been nice. My 3rd recruit would have lined me up to a better promotion. And you would THINK that since EVERYONE I am related to knows this particular person, it MIGHT JUST ONCE have come up in conversation that I sell too. But, nope. My family just sucks.

Thanks guys! Really appreciate all your help!

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