Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Well that just put me in a bad mood.

(Note: This rant obviously excludes the relatives: LapNoodles & Homemakerman)

It has been on my nerves for a while now--the fact that my family is pretty unsupportive as far as my new business goes. They complain about how much I advertise. And while my neighbors will literally pinch their pennies (just ask my bank teller) to help me make a sale, do they offer to at least look at a catalog? No. I cannot even GIVE them free stuff.

But, whatever, you don't want to spend your money. Fine. I am ok with that. I just expect you would have the common courtesy to tell your friends to me promote. Is that really asking too much?

Tonight was the last straw, though. A complete slap in the face! My Aunt called to tell me that her friend signed up to sell. Great. Thanks a lot! Two minutes later, I log in to find the other consultant in MY TOWN, the one I took under my wing so to speak was the recruiter.

Maybe I am over reacting, but another person to my team would have been nice. My 3rd recruit would have lined me up to a better promotion. And you would THINK that since EVERYONE I am related to knows this particular person, it MIGHT JUST ONCE have come up in conversation that I sell too. But, nope. My family just sucks.

Thanks guys! Really appreciate all your help!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

An Awkward Conversation

So, how did this happen & what do I do?

My new years resolution was to expand my social life and maybe find a guy, but now it appears I may have two. Does this mean there is a love triangle forming above my head? I sure hope not. I don't care for the drama.

As you know, I met cheesepuff guy a few weeks ago, and met him again Friday. I think things are going well, despite my lack of experience in the dating field. But out of no where, Camera Guy sends me a message on facebook today.

Now, I have not yet mentioned Camera Guy, because I did not feel he was worth mentioning. That sounded sort of harsh, so let me clarify. Camera guy is a guy I still haven't figured out. I am not sure if I am attracted to him, because the few pictures he has online seem sort of goofy. But he went to the same college I did (which made me feel safe enough to add him on facebook) and he is a real good photographer (hence the nickname camera guy). Still, camera guy never asked me out or showed any interest so I always assumed he was just a friend. Until, of course, last night when out of no where he sent me a message. "hi".

I was not paying attention, because I was writing my story, but when I did notice, I replied "hey" and I sort of got the feeling this awkward feeling that the out-of-the-blue message was regarding an earlier facebook post about the date I had been on with cheesepuff guy.

Well, he did not respond until today. We casually talked about my Scentsy business for a while because I had the sneaking suspicion he was maybe curious about the date, but I wasn't going to bring it up. Then he asked, "Well any big plans for V-day?"

I said I didn't know, because I don't. And he asked about Cheesepuff guy and the date. I said that he hadn't mentioned it yet, but it was sort of an awkward time to start seeing somebody because we had only been on two dates and boom! Valentines Day PLUS his birthday.

Well, Camera guy then informed me that if Cheesepuff guy did not do anything on Valentines Day he was a loser, and probably gay. (Although reading that also sounds a bit harsh, so I will note it wasn't said in a mean or vindictive way; just a joke) I couldn't help but laugh, as honestly the seemingly too-good-to-be-true cheesepuff guy may have had a smile that threw me off.

So now I am completely confused. A fish out of water. I am confused about so many things, and I know I have to take things one step at a time, but for someone who is learning how to walk in this crazy, dating world, I could sure use some advice!

Do I get a birthday present for Cheesepuff guy? I was thinking a Ninja Turtle card, as he has mentioned them before, and maybe some Jelly Beans. Do I consider Camera Guy a second player in this game? Do I tell Cheesepuff guy about Camera guy? Should I be disappointed if I don't get a Valentine? Oye. I am ready to crawl back up to my cat-lady mountain and give up!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Drugs Bug Me

We had an interesting visit last night, from a drug addict?

I put the question mark there as to hopefully not wrongfully incriminate an innocent person, but I'm pretty sure he is a drug addict. It's just such a harsh term to throw around, I wish I knew for sure. But I'm pretty sure, otherwise I wouldn't be posting this here and now.

Anyway, if he was not "high" he was probably under the influence of something, because I don't know too many people who would show up at your house, irate, about something that happened ?days? ago, especially when his own idiocy is to blame?

Here's the scoop.

Our neighbors hired Drug Addict 1 to shovel off their roof. Drug addict (in question, anyway) never showed up to do the job he was hired to do, so our neighbors hired a second drug addict to do the job the first failed to do.

Are you with me so far?

Well, before Drug addict 2 could get to the job, drug addict 1 had already started the job. But Drug Addict 2 had already been PAID for the job, so when my mom saw Drug Addict 1 shoveling, she informed him that he was not going to get paid, as DA 2 had already been paid.

Well that was fine, until 9 O'clock at night when DA1 showed up all upset about not getting paid.

Now, not helping the situation is the fact that the original "supervisor" of the neighbors roof is also under the influence of something, and has a hard time getting stories straight to begin with. So what happens when all this goes down?

My mom calls and screams at the neighbor, who is listening to regurgitated stories from a drug addict and delusional individual, and I spend all night sleeping with one eye open, just in case the pissed off drug addict decides to come slash my tires or something.

What a fun world I live in!


I just had to get that out there because I feel like screaming.

Have you ever talked to someone who just irritates the hell out of you? You may feel as though they take random stances because they know it will set you off? I have this one Uncle who always gets into it with me on online "debates." But his definition of "debate" means ignoring your side and just telling you what he feels, all the while trying to be humorous by throwing out lame, and insulting jokes.

Imagine arguing with a textbook.

"Is it going to snow today?"
"On this day in the 15 hundreds it snowed."
"Yeah, but is it going to snow today?"
"Snow is white and cold form of precipitation that falls from clouds in the form of ice crystals"

Excuse me while I go and spontaneously explode out of sheer frustration.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Crazy Awesome Day

Last night I didn't get much sleep. All I remember is having an odd nightmare about the DOP. Not sure of the DOP is an actual governmental organization, or anything, but it my dream it was sort of like the DOD, but instead of defense it was protection. Anyway, I dream that I am sleeping in my old house in Everett, and this old black guy knocks at my door. I half hear the conversation he has with my mother, but regardless of the dire urgency there is to get us out of the house, I continue sleeping.

"You need to evacuate right away!" he says, "There is a problem with the water."

I think I actually got up and looked at my cell phone at this point, because I consciously remember reading "3AM" on my LG chocolate. About an hour later, the man appeared again and said, "YOU NEED TO GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE NOW!!"

It had been exactly one hour on my clock, so either I woke up at 4AM or dreamed that I looked at my clock and it said 4AM.

As if this was not a weird enough dream, I apparently had another which I do not seem to recall at all. The only reason I know I had it was because my mother informed me I disrupted her sleep screaming, "RACHEL* IS THE KILLER!! RACHEL HAS THE KILLER'S FACE!!!!!!!!!!!"

*Rachel is a pseudonym for my stepmother's name. Apparently I convicted her of murder last night.

Well, by the time my alarm clock went off, I was dreading the day ahead. The ride in to work was rough, with all the snow we had just had from our latest snowday. If that isn't a horrible enough way to start a new day, then how about this one. I put my coffee on the roof so I could reach in and get my bag, and what does the coffee decide to do? Well, it sat perfectly on the roof until I stuck my head in the car to get my things. Probably a half a minute AFTER I placed it on the roof, it comes spilling down on my jacket! My newly washed, white jacket.

After work, I also had (what I consider anyway) my first real date. There has been some controversy about that. I suppose prom does count, even though I spent half the night trying to avoid the guy I went with. But anyway, Cheesepuff guy invited me out to a Thai food place around the block from where I work. So, of course, I'm trying to kill some time, and I head to the copier to make some copies. (I am currently looking for a fish sitter for our class fish. If anyone is interested, please call 555-2893 {please note, that is a fake number so please don't actually call it.})

But, seriously, I don't want to bring the Beta home over vacation, as I live so far away, so I was making copies of a letter home to see who would be interested in watching the fish over vacation. Murphy's law says that BOTH photocopiers are broken. So I try to fix one. I get the paper out, but can't find the switch it is telling me to fix. I look at my coworker who is struggling with the same issue on her end. I showed her what I did to get the paper out of mine, remove her jammed paper, and the same error message pops up.

"You're on your own from here, I can't find that little thing." I tell her; Most of the parts are labeled A, B, C1, but this was just a little tab they wanted us to switch. She found it quickly, which made me feel quite dumb. Still didn't fix the issue, though. We kept working at it until my pants were covered in toner, or ink or something, and I sit back and think, "I have to go on a date. I am covered in coffee and ink. Who the hell cares?"

On my date, I was quite honest. I even told Cheesepuff guy, "The last time I tried to impress a guy, I wound up in the ER." (Please see, The Snake Snack for more information) All and all, I think the date went well. We talked for about 3 hours!! It only ended when I looked out the window and said, "I should get going." Then we talked a bit longer until I said it again.

I just hope I didn't talk too much. I can do that, sometimes.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Apparently I'm a bitch.

I'm sort of confused.

Imagine a big, fancy vase on the edge of the table. This isn't just any vase. It is one-of-a-kind, and priceless. You jump, and see it wobble. You continue to jump, regardless of the fact you KNOW something bad could happen and the vase falls and shatters to pieces.

Mom walks in, and _______________________.

Can you fill in the blank?

Apparently, I'm a bitch. My blank does not include, "going easy on the kid who makes a stupid choice." My blank includes accountability, and responsibility. The "kid" should have known better and taken steps to insure the vase would not get broken.

I should probably fill in a little more details. The "kid" is not really a kid, but a 50+ year old man with a drinking problem. The vase is more or less his relationship with his children, and the thought of jumping is actually the act of really pissing me off. More specifically, having a major pissing contest with yours truly, the designated driver. So now the question is, what do I do?

I talked to a cousin last night who basically told me I was being too hard on him. I suppose I'm slightly offended. If the kid knows there is a chance jumping will break the vase, and still the kid continues to jump, are we really supposed to look the other way and make excuses for this kid? Or do we hold him accountable? What is the lesson learned from looking the other way? Am I supposed to just let things slide? Until every vase I own is smashed to pieces? Is it my job to be more careful with my glassware? When this kid refuses to stop jumping, do I just ban him from my house?

I guess I haven't thought much about it until now. Not sure why it's stuck in my head now. I guess I've just been too busy with life to figure it out. That and the fact I had a nice, hour-long conversation with one of my aunts about just how much my family sucks. It's stirred up a lot of thoughts I'd rather suppress.

I actually started thinking ahead. I can't have a phone conversation with him. Tried and he just pissed me off. Started blaming everyone else for the choices he made. That is a peeve of mine. Thought to the best advice I've had so far, and that is simply to avoid him when he is drinking. Then I started to wonder, when exactly will that be? First thing in the morning? I don't wake up early. In fact, I don't feel like doing much of anything until late afternoon. Maybe we could have lunch, but I can't see that happening. He would just have another macho pissing contest. I would say, "I won't go out with you if you drink," and he might agree, but what if he decides he has the "right to drink" as he has told me time and time again it is his life and he can do what he wants with it? Then what? I never go to lunch with him again?

I tried picturing what talking to him would be like, this summer. We're together in the kitchen, and I can't even think of what to say to him. I just don't know what to do. I just want to stop thinking about it.

You make a stupid choice, and