Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Call Me Virgina

So for a project, recently, my student was asked to pick her theme song. This got me thinking, what is mine? What song describes me perfectly? It's hard to say, I like so many. And certain lyrics to different songs strike me in different ways. I love "Beautiful Disaster" and "Her Elegance" But they don't always describe who I am. Then I thought of Train's Meet Virginia, and I don't think there is a lyric in that song that doesn't fit me to a T.

She doesn't own a dress, (well, I own several, but I'm too embarrassed to wear them)
Her hair is always a mess (How true! I like messy hair, because it's natural; But even when I deck myself out, it always ends up the same way--a disaster! Why bother?)
If you catch her stealin,
(ok, not a thief, but I do try to get away with things I'm not always supposed to.)
she wont confess (I'm pretty stubborn like that)
Shes beautiful
(So I'm told, but I don't always believe it)
She smokes a pack a day,
(Nope, but... listen on..)
oh wait, thats me but anyway (I've had a few crushes on guys who smoke, and sadly I have that "I can stop that" mentality. BAD. People don't change! Don't date smokers!)
She doesnt care a thing about that, hey,
(I hate that I don't care and would put up with that if I really like a guy)
She thinks Im beautiful
(Damn me, why? Don't date smokers! Gross! Stick to your moral values!!)
Meet virginia She never compromises, (Damn straight! But to my defense, I don't always stick up for myself. I only do that if I'm 100% positive I'm right, and I hate it when others fail to recognize this. See? Totally stubborn!)
loves babies (Oh yeah!)
and surprises (I do love surprises)
Wears high-heels when she exercises (Whenever I get dressed up, shower, or whatever--that is when I feel most ambitious. Something about feeling good about the way you look makes you more likely to exercise, I think. And I definitely don't mind an extra long walk when I do wear heels, because I don't want to be "girlie" or weak. I bought a new pair of clogs, just recently, tried them on, and took them for a 1/2 hour walk. Had blisters for 2 weeks.)
Aint that beautiful (Maybe? Maybe not..."
Meet virginia
Well she wants to be the queen (I want to be loved and popular)
Then she thinks about her scene (I realize I'm not so great with the popular crowd)
Pulls her hair back as she screams (I get really frustrated with myself and others)
I dont really wanna be the queen
(I like my simple life, and am generally uncomfortable in the lime light.)
Her daddy wrestles alligators
(Hmm, what's a good metaphor?)
mama works on carburetors (Hmm, need another good one; but my mom does do pretty good with the tractor)
Her brother is a fine mediator for the president (Yeah, I got nothing. So maybe a few lines don't apply to me... but they aren't really about me anyway.)
Well here she is again on the phone (There's another; I hate the phone, but replace it with the computer, and we're golden!)
Just like me hates to be alone (I love to be alone until I realize I'm alone and then I'm lonely. More about that later!)
We just like to sit at home, (Totally love this; no wasting money, no embarrassing myself in public. Good times!)
and rip on the president (I've been known to make fun of some people, just not the president.. well, maybe bush. but I'll admist I'm not qualified
Meet virginia
Well she wants to live her life
(I want to enjoy my life and be happy)
Then she thinks about her life (But sometimes thinking about it really pisses me off so I...)
Pulls her hair back as she screams
(Yeah, that)
I dont really wanna live this life
(Sometimes I wonder why I'm so happy)
She only drinks coffee at midnight, (I hate coffee, but it's growing on me, and I always crave it when it's the worst possible time--IE, I don't want to drink it in the morning. But in the afternoon, or at night, is when I crave a coolata from D+D--then I think....)
when the moment is not Right, (Great! If I drink this now, I'll never get to sleep tonight)
her timing is quite-unusual (My gosh, have you ever met me? My timing usually sucks!)
You see her confidence is tragic, (I am probably the least confident person on earth; but I'm slowly becoming more bold and sure of myself)
but her intuition magic (I can usually tell what people are thinking, and it's scary. Also, when I know who is around, I'm pretty good at figuring out who they are by the sounds of their breath and steps...)
And the shape of her body - (Eh)
(That's what I'd say. People say they'd kill for my body, and the art teacher thinks I'm "Perfectly proportioned" but I usually hate myself. Especially when none of the clothes I like ever fit, and people keep bumping into me in uncomfortable places. *sigh*)
Meet virginia-
I cant wait to
Meet virginia
(That's me.... in a nutshell. Really. It is. )

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