Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thank you cute cable guy!

Alas, there is hope for me yet. The cute cable guy has restored my faith in Time Warner Cable... At least temporarily. Here is the story:

TWC came out on Friday, but no one was home, which prompted a second visit on Saturday. Fortunately, I was home for this visit, and fortunately this cable-guy was very knowledgeable.

When we explained the situation, he ran diagnostic tests on the modem to see that it "had been working for 5 days" but it also had a but load of errors. REDEMPTION! I am not insane! He also said it might have to do with the weather or poles, I'm not quite sure his final conclusion, because he was awfully attractive. I would even say we flirted, up until I figured out (or made the assumption) that he had a girlfriend. Bummer. But why else would a guy say, "we're going camping." Seriously? Who is we? It wasn't "I'm going camping with a few friends, or buddies, or my family," it was "we're going camping." Seems pretty suspicious to me--like he was hiding something. Freudian slip. Am I right? Or just too cynical? I don't know, but anyway....

My mom and I kept complaining about how much we hated TWC and how we'd get Direct or Dish, if only we could get a signal. I say, "I hate that stupid cable box. Scientific Atlantic is a piece of crap; I don't know why they stopped using Motorolat. I miss my old DVR--you know, the one I could actually not get a headache using? The one that let me do a full title search (rather than limiting me to searching for shows via first letter--what a pain in the ass!) or the fully customizable menu (the one that I could change color to? Yeah, that rocked) Instead I'm stuck back in the 1990's with the invention of cable and that awful blue box that is an eyesore as much as it is hard to read.

Vent over. I didn't get that in-depth, but I did say I hated TWC and missed Adelphia. Then the cute and possibly adulteress (ha) cable guy, told me to just move a few miles south or east, or west or something, and I could get it back; but he also said that Adelphia had totally screwed everything up, making tons of mistakes that TWC was still cleaning up. I might have bought it, since this was before the camping comment, but until I see proof I have to remain skeptical.

Cute cable guy, who also has the first two initials as the company itself (therefore I will now refer to him as TW) told me that in the next few years TWC will be upgrading to Motorola boxes with upgraded menu features (HOORAY!!!!) and that the only reason my Scientific Atlantic didn't work was because of the area in which we lived. "In Portland, these boxes work great. Here.. not so much." (BOO!! Shouldn't that qualify us for some sort of residential discount? It's not my fault we live where we live, why should we suffer bad cable because of it? Oh yeah, because TWC *****)

So needless to say, I was redeemed and given a new sense of hope from and for TWC. I am not crazy, and Level 3 Technician Ron remains a douche. The End.

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  1. You are totally reading way too much into things. Saying "we're going camping" means he is going camping with someone else, or maybe even his dog. And why would he bother to hide a girlfriend from you? You were some random cute chick whose cable he fixed. And if he was hiding something, I'd imagine he's be capable of keeping it to himself for the length of time it took to work on your cable; either that or he's socially retarded. Seriously Amanda, the lengths you'll go to to avoid dating are pretty amazing. I love you, but MY GOD WOMAN! STOP BEING SO IRRATIONALLY INSECURE!